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Economic development slowdown for Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuania will retain its fast economic development in the near future, however growth wil

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Taking counsel: Are Building Management Contracts of Adhesion enforceable?

The current heavy demand for new apartments in the market sometimes results in developers offering c

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Company briefs - 2006-11-29

The Swiss-registered AP Anlage & Privatebank, a member of Latvia's Parex, the third largest Baltic f

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Union keeps harping Tallink

TALLINN - The Swedish seamen's trade union, Seko, has denied a report by Tallink CEO Enn Pant claimi

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Opposition parties fail, railway sale still on

TALLINN - Estonian opposition parties Pro Patria Union and Res Publica failed in their attempt to vo

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Ryanair: Preserve current system or else

RIGA - Latvia's Competition Council announced on Nov. 23 that it would abolish the current tax disco

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In brief - 2006-11-29

Lithuanian climber Vladas Vitkauskas and hot-air balloon pilot Vytautas Samarinas have successfully

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Lithuania rakes in the gold

VILNIUS - It's not often that a country boasts three world victories in one week, but now Lithuania

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Board chairman questions Mazeikiu sale

VILNIUS - The board of Mazeikiu Nafta last week saw the resignation of supervisory board chairman Py

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EU to tackle trucker bottlenecks

RIGA - For months now, the issue of queuing trucks has plagued the Baltic region, spurring the EU to

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