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Looking back on an eventful, record-breaking year

RIGA - News in the Baltic states is a curious thing. It can sometimes be extremely repetitive, with

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Film school welcomes fresh talent

TALLINN - A bottle of vodka was all it took. Four film students, out to shoot a short documentary ab

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The Russian soul, detached

KALININGRAD - Finding reliable background information about Kaliningrad in a time of mass global com

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What lies beneath

TALLINN - Boris Dubovik possesses a most interesting set of keys. They open the door to a network of

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Children above the earth

VILNIUS - Are there any bright days for a child with leukemia? A parent facing that ultimate horror,

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Eustace Tilly on the Baltics

The New Yorker has been well-known for its witty, acerbic coverage of all things important and trivi

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Welcome to the company choir

TALLINN - At any given song festival, the list of participating choirs is a fairly predictable mix.

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The Staprans affair

RIGA - At 11 a.m. on Oct. 11, Raimonds Staprans arrived at the Latvian Museum of Art, where a retros

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Snapshots of Las Vegas

RIGA - In November 1983, Ulvis Alberts, a photographer who had snapped some of the iconic images of

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Don't blow this house down

TALLINN - Rene Valner is building a house from straw. According to fairy tales, it's not the smartes

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