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Lithuanian designers fight for good taste

VILNIUS - Surrounded by swirling mosquitoes, ten flamboyantly dressed models are huddling together

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Estonians await return of the lodi

TARTU - On a warm summer's day the fresh-cut planks of pine breathe out the intoxicating odor of hon

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Scenes from the White Nights

ST. PETERSBURG - Peter the Great built St. Petersburg to prove that a Russian city could be as beaut

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Pardon, could you tell us about your plaque?

At least one building on every block of central Riga seems to have a plaque, serving as the opening

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How green is Tallinn?

TALLINN - In the calm woods of suburban Tallinn the forest floor is invisible. It is carpeted by hou

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Backlots and dreams in Tukums

TUKUMS, Latvia - There are a few disappointing things about the Cinevilla Backlot, a replica of Riga

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Toilets and outhouses: a Baltic epic

It could be argued that the history of mankind is the history of how it has handled human waste. Cou

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Western filmmakers discover Lithuania

VILNIUS - Refugees dressed in rags carrying bulky chattels stumble across the frozen Baltic Sea. Th

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Tuur, Estonia's modern Bach

TALLINN - Erkki-Sven Tuur is Estonia's second most famous composer. At 46, he's a good deal younger

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Jeweler dazzles the streets of Vilnius

VILNIUS - Every year you can see Svajunas Udrys in three of Lithuania's most famous festivals - the

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