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Iraqi filmmaker's dreams come to Riga

RIGA - In 2003, only a few short months after the Americans took Baghdad, Mohamed Al-Daradji returne

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Sounds of the Underground

VILNIUS - It's 2:00 a.m. in a small bar outside the Old Town. I'm putting my favorite reggae record

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No man is an island

RIGA - Edmunds Zalite lives on a raft in the Daugava River. "Well, not exactly," the salt and pep

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Young acrobats of Tallinn

TALLINN - In Estonia, "circus" is still a dirty word. Call it an experimental movement. Call it expr

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The Ryanair experience

RIGA,STOCKHOLM - A few weeks ago, a friend who had just flown from Dublin to Riga via one of Ryanair

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Holding onto the Curonian Spit

NERINGA, Lithuania - For the past three-and-a-half months, there's been one depressing two-minute st

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Journeymen find their way to Estonia

TALLINN - Christian and Matthais each have one set of clothes: top hats, tailored vests and large co

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Waiting for the Good News

RIGA - A Sunday service at the Good News Christian Center is, to the uninitiated, good, cheesy enter

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Welcome to the New Generation

RIGA - New Generation, a 5,000-strong non-denominational church primarily consisting of Russians, co

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In search of 'Soviet Retro' in Estonia

TALLINN - There's a lucrative profession in the fashion world known as "cool hunting." Cool hunters

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