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Companies sluggish in removing excess sugar

TALLINN - More than 40 companies that are obligated to discard their excess sugar stocks as part of

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Several investor interested in states' Lattelekom stake

RIGA - A top government advisor has admitted that there are three companies interested in acquiring

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Insurance bankruptcy creates political storm

VILNIUS - The chairman of the Lithuanian Insurance Super-visory Commission, Edvinas Vasilis-Vasiliau

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Pig farm threat 'barbaric' PM says

VILNIUS - Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas defended the forthcoming burial site for the radioactiv

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Rundown monument provokes diplomatic feud

VILNIUS - Offended by the demolition of a monument commemorating Polish soldiers in Lithuania, Polan

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Two cash couriers killed

Two cash couriers responsible for delivering commercial money were shot and killed in the Riga subur

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Police find mother of 'dumpster baby'

RIGA - Police have identified a young mother who left her infant daughter in a garbage receptacle on

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Teachers plan picket, strike

RIGA - Members of Latvia's Edu-cation Employee Union, dissatisfied with the government's decision to

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Pro Patria lashes out at Centrists' agreement with Russia's pro-Kremlin party

TALLINN - Leaders of the right-wing Pro Patria Union have demanded the immediate cancellation of a p

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Minister apologizes for controversial statement

TALLINN - Education Minister Mailis Reps made the painful admittance that she was duped by Kremlin p

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