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The captain of the Latvian football team reportedly said that money was offered to lose last week's

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Honorable draw with Russia not enough for Latvia

RIGA - A capacity crowd of 10,000 watched Latvia earn a well-deserved 1:1 tie with Russia on Aug. 17

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Toyota leads Latvia for fourth year straight

When independence re-turned in 1991, the words "automobile" and "prestige" and "reliability" were sy

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Automotive special

In the fourteen years since the Baltic states regained independence, the Ladas and Zigulis that once

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Pearls aplenty in eagerly-awaited film festival

RIGA - The upcoming Baltic Pearl film festival in Riga will come as sweet relief to film-lovers afte

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Taking counsel

Reorganizing a company in LatviaGiven the high level of competition, it has become ev

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Brazauskas pleas to MP for support

VILNIUS - The government announced last week that it was waiting for Germany's E.ON Ruhrgas and Russ

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Sex ads to be separated

RIGA - Officials from the State Tourism Development Agency and publishers of tourist information boo

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Snoras' Austrian ambitions put on indefinite hold

VILNIUS - The Parliament of Austria's federal state of Burgenland has postponed the planned sale of

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Stockholm port preparing for passenger boom

TALLINN - The Port of Stockholm has announced it was going to invest 2.1 million euros into extendin

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