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R&D craves business involvement

TALLINN - Captain Yuri Feldman and Chief Engineer Yuri Bogomolov were with the merchant fleet severa

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Minister throws out surprise with talk of poll on euro

TALLINN - A new Cabinet minister shocked the nation this week by suggesting that the government hold

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Erroneous Belarussian media reports cause uproar

VILNIUS - The Foreign Ministry has blasted the Belarusian media for publicizing a "provocation," fol

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Education reform reaches top court

RIGA - The Constitutional Court began hearing arguments in a case against the education reform on Ap

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Lithuanian leaders congratulate new pope

Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Arturas Paulauskas and Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas congratu

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Prime Minister rebukes nationalists over border

Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis of the People's Party dismissed plans by the nationalist party For Fa

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Butkevicius resigns post in frustration over tax policy

VILNIUS 's Finance Minister Algirdas Butkevicius jolted the government coalition on Tuesday when he

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Seto minority raises commotion over border treaty

Representatives of the Seto cultural minority will stage a demonstration in front of Parliament on M

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NATO visit demands top security

Approximately 1,000 officers from the Lithuanian police force will be employed for security purposes

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Centrists to fill top committee posts

MPs Toivo Tootsen, Arnold Kimber and Enn Eesmaa will likely fill the Center Party's three standing c

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