Prime Minister rebukes nationalists over border

  • 2005-04-20
  • By TBT staff
Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis of the People's Party dismissed plans by the nationalist party For Fatherland and Freedom to include the area of Abrene in any future border treaty with Russia on April 19.

"On the basis of this treaty we have built our foreign policy, we have acceded to the EU and NATO, we have said that we have no problems in that respect and that we have no claims against Russia. We have no other options than to sign this treaty and launch other talks," the prime minister said

Kalvitis also pointed out that the border agreement was initially agreed to by Guntars Krasts of For Fatherland and Freedom and the government he lead when he was prime minister. Kalvitis added that "hypocrisy is exposed sooner or later."

The area around Abrene (now Pytalovo) was handed to Russia during the Soviet occupation.