Centrists to fill top committee posts

  • 2005-04-20
  • TBT staff
MPs Toivo Tootsen, Arnold Kimber and Enn Eesmaa will likely fill the Center Party's three standing committee chairmanships.

Tootsen looks set to become chairman of the defense committee, Kimber will most likely represent the rural affairs committee and Eesmaa the foreign affairs committee.

Eesmaa confirmed rumors that opposition politicians had criticized the appointment of Centrist MPs to the defense and foreign affairs committees, referring to the party's agreement with United Russia.

"Fortunately, coalition partners have understood that we're dealing with an attempt by one party to start a dialogue, not with the signing of a Soviet-style friendship and cooperation agreement," Eesmaa said.

The Reform Party will keep the top posts of the finance, legal affairs, environment and EU affairs committees. Meelis Atonen, Vaino Linde, Jurgen Ligi and Kristiina Ojuland head the four parliamentary panels respectively.