Seto minority raises commotion over border treaty

  • 2005-04-20
  • By TBT staff
Representatives of the Seto cultural minority will stage a demonstration in front of Parliament on May 9 and hand over 10,000 signatures collected in support of their appeal against the Estonian-Russian border treaty.

Ilmar Vananurm, member of the Seto Congress Body of Elders, told the Baltic News Service that their choice to convene on May 9 was not directly connected with ceremonies in Moscow marking the end of World War II.

"The war in Europe actually ended on May 8, but the demonstration does have a link with World War II, as the war is not over for the Seto, even now," Vananurm said.

The appeal, adopted on Jan. 3, protests Russia's attempts to relinquish some of the Seto area by the peace treaty. If the border treaty is signed, the appeal will demand the Seto's right to free movement in their native land, as well as settling issues of social protection and property claims.