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Automotive special

In the fourteen years since the Baltic states regained independence, the Ladas and Zigulis that once

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Flying trapeze

The grandiose open-air performance by the French 's Brazilian circus "Circo Da Madrugada" will amaze

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A city shines as it celebrates 804 years

From Aug. 16-21, Riga celebrates its annual city festival. Events to mark the occasion will take pl

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A greater place to be

RIGA - On a sunny day in August, I set out to find tourists in Riga's Old Town. Anyone who has spen

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Preserving the past for future generations

RIGA - The changes that have taken place in the Baltic states over the past decade are truly stagger

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Scars of the 20th Century uncovered by opera house revamp

TALLINN - It was a view of the interior, stripped down nearly to its naked skeleton, which hadn't be

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A Tale of Love from Birinu Castle

There were three children in the family of Alexander and Eleanor Pistolkorss - a daughter and two so

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Lithuania: Few castles but a whole lot of history

While the countryside of both Latvia and Estonia are dotted with quaint country manors and castles o

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Baltic treasures

One of the known pleasures of driving through the countryside in this part of the world is the vast

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Acting the part

The Auseklis Theater in Limbazi is one of the oldest amateur theaters in Latvia. It was started in 1

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