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January storm hurts timber trade

RIGA - Latvia's exports of coniferous pulpwood to Sweden could cease in June, as low prices for timb

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The Swedish view: three countries, one market

RIGA - In the seventeenth century the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea belonged to Sweden, and what

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Danish mortgage bonds and mutual funds 's unique investment possibilities

The Danes have more than 200 years' tradition for issuing mortgage bonds, making the system one of t

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Investments set competitive line

With its strategic European location, Demark has world-class competencies and a growing market, wh

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In the Baltics, value-added is a business strategy best played by the Danes

RIGA - "We're a nation of traders. We have no raw materials, so we live from commerce. The more glob

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Narvesen set to outrace inflation

RIGA - Narvesen Baltija, the largest press retail chain in Latvia, increased sales by 10 percent to

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Studies in Norway 's a valuable education alternative

After Latvia joined the EU in May 2004, there has been a wealth of new possibilities for Latvian stu

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Nordic healthcare support reaches millions

VILNIUS - Norway will grant over 200 million litas (58 million euros) to Lithuania over the next fiv

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Changing perceptions herald business growth

RIGA - The most striking feature of Norwegian business in the Baltics is how relatively underdevelop

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Auditors cast doubt over SAPARD aid granted to two firms

VILNIUS - The National Audit Office has expressed doubts about the legality of EU assistance granted

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