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Finance alternatives for medium-sized companies

RIGA - A bank loan, mezzanine financing and increase of share capital are the principal options for

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In brief - 2005-05-04

SEB Russian Leasing, a subsidiary of the SEB concern's Eesti Uhispank, hopes to increase its $110 mi

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Lithuania's strong financial system creates favorable investment environment

VILNIUS - During the fifteen years of independence, Lithuania has developed a banking system that me

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Walking through a Baltic IPO

If past performance is a measure of future success, we may soon see an upswing in the number of init

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Arbitration vs. litigation:a look from within

Sorainen Law Offices is preparing a novel seminar on litigation and arbitration for Baltic lawyers a

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Big development planned for little island

RIGA - Riga's ever-changing economic, social, and political infrastructure is creeping its way out o

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Health insurance requirements raise concern

VILNIUS - Lithuanian and Russian diplomats met in Vilnius last month to discuss problems affecting R

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Unit Link insurance product catches on in Latvia, finally

RIGA - Insurance companies in Latvia are gearing up for a banner year, and the results are already s

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Apartment building fever hits Parnu

PARNU - Ask any Estonian to describe Parnu, their country's "summer capital," and they'll tell you a

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Finding architectural harmony in fast-paced development

RIGA - Now that spring is finally making its appearance, you may have noticed on your strolls around

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