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Baltic economies: who won in 2005?

RIGA - If you check the Latvian Statistics Bureau Web site 's as I do frequently, though I really sh

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Spinning 2005 's not so well that ends well

RIGA - With a trio of red-hot economies, and Baltic consumers spending like there's no tomorrow, it

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Estonia's best companies are Regio and Hansapank

TALLINN - Enterprise Estonia voted map publisher Regio as Estonia's best entrepreneur, and Hansapank

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EU membership shows both Baltic strengths and weaknesses

RIGA - "When Latvia joined the EU, the British Chamber of Commerce here increased its manpower from

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Nordic design drives Baltic success

RIGA - "There are millions of chairs in the world, so you have to create a special one to be noticed

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Estonia halts expansion of 'expensive' windmills

TALLINN - Wind power has fallen out of Estonia's favor in recent months, with the Economy Ministry d

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Fuel associations petition against diesel ban

TALLINN - Estonia's auto company associations and several major oil sellers signed a joint petition

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Latvijas Gaze to submit new tariff proposals

RIGA - In response to Russia's announcement that it planned to increase the price for natural gas de

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Lattelekom turns Latvia into a Wi-Fi hotspot

RIGA - What a difference a few years can make. Not too long ago, most people probably thought a lapt

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Baltic companies earn international reputation

VILNIUS/RIGA - "Some years ago, we saw Lithuanian IT companies expanding across the Baltics," says J

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