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Green is back on the scene

RIGA - Ask a Latvian for a stereotype of his compatriots, and he'll probably tell you, "We love our

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The accidental image that captured an era

VILNIUS - A man stoically walks against the wind, a breeze flapping his dark coat. His hands are tig

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Fighting for another country, by choice

PARNU - Now that his army gear is off, Matti Tikovt would like a beer. His sister has just picked hi

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Growing cranberries out of the ashes

RIGA - On April 26, 1986, reactor no. 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded. Within days,

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Lithuanian cinema strives to find its niche

VILNIUS - This year has been a rather fruitful one for the Lithuanian film industry. Several film fe

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Online with 395.000 of my best friends

RIGA - It started out as the simple idea to create an online community in Latvia similar to those in

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Businessman and musician: the two faces of Algirdas Kauspedas

VILNIUS - Fifteen years ago, he sang before an audience of thousands, face painted and costumed in a

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The little kid with the mega-karat voice

VASTERAS, SWEDEN - With her impressive voice that sounds equally amazing both recorded and live, Amy

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The high-flying life of a chimney sweep

TALLINN - With the amount of attention Tiit Maekivi gets, you'd think he was a rock star. I gave up

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Milky soft and laser sharp, lithuanian band set to conquer the world

VILNIUS - The young, extravagant Lithuanian group Milky Lasers can be found playing in fashionable c

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