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Lacplesis epic reborn in English

RIGA - Finally, the Latvian epic poem "Lacplesis" (The Bear Slayer) has been translated into English

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St. John's Church to celebrate long-awaited return

TARTU - It had been a derelict, burnt-out wreck since the end of World War II - an ugly scar in the

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Youthful talent brings the joy of music to Riga

RIGA - One thing is certain; the Baltics certainly offer something for everyone in the summer. It wo

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Looking for the truth behind Lihula

LIHULA - It was the longest article about a Baltic country I had ever read in a German newspaper. At

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Building harmony amid the discord

RIGA - The first thing that any visitor learns about the Baltics is that they are very different in

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Estonia's unique biological inventory

Tallinn - Spring, at last, is in the air, as are the birds, the bees and the butterflies of the Balt

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Tearful return to Latvia after a 60-year absence

RIGA - There was no one at the Riga airport to meet him. All he had was his daughter by his side and

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Revising a bizarre chapter in Latvia's Holocaust history

VILNIUS - In the last days of November 1941, Fritz Scherwitz gathered all his Jewish workers togethe

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Kernave's upcoming events

It's best to visit Kernave on a sunny day to get a panoramic view of the hill-forts, river valley an

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Kernave: Lithuania's 'Troy' to celebrate UNESCO heritage site listing

VILNIUS - Few countries are so fortunate as to have an archaeological treasure trove preserving 10 m

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