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Developing cultural tourism outside of the big city

TUKUMS - Many times I have thought that it would be a romantic and fascinating project to visit each

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The modern rennaisance of rue

VILNIUS - Lithuania is renowned for many things: its sporting prowess, its cutting-edge theater, its

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Plans and Hopes in Minister's Portfolio

Half a year ago, thirteen ministers of the thirteenth Government were given commissions from the cou

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A road less taken - the underbelly of Baltic tourism

The Baltic states are currently witnessing an unprecedented influx of tourists, from the invasion of

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Kaali crater: still having an impact

TALLINN - It's kind of an unwritten rule in Estonia - if you want to see something weird, go to the

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A Lithuanian jazz story; from New Orleans to Vilnius

VILNIUS - When it comes to live jazz in the Baltics, Lithuania is the place. From early summer to la

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A piece of Soviet history that just won't go away

RIGA - In many people's eyes, the most visible testimony to the Soviet occupation of Latvia is the a

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The end of Lietuva cinema, the death of community culture

VILNIUS - How do you measure, in a non-monetary sense, the value of a cinema to the community it ser

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'Brain drain' question: myth or reality?

RIGA - It is becoming increasingly apparent that more and more Latvian young people are seeking mast

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Dubbing it out; one man's battle against TV voice-overs

VILNIUS - In a bid to increase second-language fluency among Lithuanians, a young parliamentarian is

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