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Labor shortage crisis becomes more acute

VILNIUS - Two media reports last week highlighted what is perhaps the Baltics' 's particularly Lithu

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Bank: Estonian economy to expand by 8 percent

TALLINN - The Estonian economy is expected to grow 8 percent this year and a little less than 7 perc

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President Vike-Freiberga weighs in on Latvia's euro woes

RIGA - President Vaira Vike-Freiberga has said that any failure to adopt the euro by 2008, the count

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Estonia sanguine about price-rise

TALLINN - The Finance Ministry said that, while Estonia was unlikely to meet the inflation criterion

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Lithuania fears inflationary fever

VILNIUS - Finance Ministry official said that average annual inflation amounted to 2.3 percent over

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Bank of Latvia says inflation, ultra-hot economy are long-term risks

RIGA - The Bank of Latvia raised the mandatory reserve requirement by 2 percentage points in an eff

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Experts: no property crash for Estonia

TALLINN - Specialists at a major real estate conference last week agreed that they did not see any

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Snoras opens doors in Estonia

TALLINN - Lithuania's Snoras Bank opened its representation office in Estonia last week, announcing

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Dollar hits high against litas

VILNIUS - The U.S. dollar hit a two-year high against the litas, the Lithuanian national currency, o

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German-Norwegian joint venture to solidify Baltic bank subsidiaries

VILNIUS - Nord/LB Holding, a Denmark-registered subsidiary of Germany's Nord/LB (Norddeutsche Landes

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