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Corporate acquisitions in Latvia: an investor's perspective

Once the Baltic states became candidates to join the EU, the response from foreign investors changed

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Estonian banks more expensive than Swedish

TALLINN - A leading business paper reported that the price of select banking services in Hansapank a

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Snoras shopping in Latvia

RIGA - Bankas Snoras announced this week that it is in negotiations with two Latvian banks on a purc

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Peat tax could ruin local industry

TALLINN - Heido Vitsur, adviser at the Ministry of Economy and Communications, has warned that a pla

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Possible euro delay sends tremor through Latvian government

RIGA - Reacting to a report in the media that Latvia may be tardy in adopting the euro, Finance Mini

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Brussels distributes warnings to Baltic countries

TALLINN - The European Commission sent warnings to Estonia and Latvia's transport ministries to comb

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Parex breaks borrowing record

RIGA - Parex Bank signed a record-breaking syndicated loan, borrowing 188.5 million euros from a gro

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Market wrap

The pan-Baltic capitalization index, BALTIX, declined 0.01 percent over the outgoing week to 491.48

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Latvian sugar mills ponder cost of closure

RIGA - A European Commission official said that Latvia's sugar producers could receive approximately

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Lithuania feverish over high prices at the pump

VILNIUS - High gas prices have caused a minor societal quake in recent days, sparking reports of pos

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