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European investors snap up Parex eurobonds

RIGA - Parex Bank tapped international capital markets again last week, issuing a 100 million euro b

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Tourist boom in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuanian hotels and accommodation establishments saw an 18.2 percent year-on-year rise o

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Latvian MPs tackle dirty money stigma

RIGA - Latvia's Parliament last week passed amendments to several laws that will boost the state's e

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Inflation specter hangs over Estonia, new budget strategy

TALLINN - Cabinet ministers found themselves on the defensive last week as Central Bank officials ex

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Joint Nordic authority fails to materialize

RIGA - Finance ministers from the Baltic Sea states failed to agree on the creation of a joint banki

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Housing prices in Lithuania appear irrational

VILNIUS - The residential real estate market in Lithuania, especially in Vilnius, resembles an out-o

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Lithuanian Cabinet finalizes tax deal

VILNIUS - Lithuania's four-party coalition finally reached an agreement on tax policy last week, opt

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Vilniaus Bankas to launch three funds

VILNIUS - SEB VB Investiciju Valdymas, an assets management subsidiary of SEB Vilniaus Bankas, is se

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Estonia grows more competitive by the year

TALLINN - The International Institute for Management Development has ranked Estonia 26th among 60 na

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Study: Lithuanian managers paid little, but can buy more

VILNIUS - Senior managers in Lithuania are among the lowest paid in Europe, but they can still buy m

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