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Presidents create axis of 'post-Soviet independence'

VILNIUS - A new regional alliance of nations aiming to reinvigorate the economic and democratic inte

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Memorial of distinguished writer to enlighten capital

VILNIUS - A monument to one of the 20th century's most famous Lithuanian writers, Romain Gary, will

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Ousted president reaps benefits of crises

VILNIUS - "We are coming back!" Such will be the new slogan of the revived Liberal Democrat Part

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Metal shipment raises frightening questions

VILNIUS - The Economy Ministry permitted a suspicious Russian company to export nearly four tons of

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Persecuted journalist in Belarus interceded in Vilnius

VILNIUS - In response to the growing number of Polish minority activists thrown into Belarusian jail

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Zuokas continues to dodge criticism

VILNIUS - The ongoing scandal over Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas has reached critical mass, with majo

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SEB Vilniaus dabbles in rubles

VILNIUS - SEB Vilniaus Bankas has announced that it launched trade in Ukraine and Russia's national

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Uspaskich's 'diploma' fails to clear fog of skepticism

VILNIUS - A desperate attempt by Viktor Uspaskich to defend his integrity and prove that he indeed r

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Movement against Turkish EU membership hits Vilnius streets

VILNIUS - Equipped with posters shouting "Turkey 's Yes! Turkey in EU 's No!", a dozen young Vilnius

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Rokiskio slammed for using Parmesan brand name

VILNIUS - Italian cheese makers are angry with Rokiskio Suris, Lithuania's largest cheese producer,

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