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Kaliningrad neighbors snubbed by Kremlin

Lithuania's political establishment reacted bitterly after not being invited to Kaliningrad's 750th

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PACE asks Russia to admit, rectify consequences of occupation of Baltics

VILNIUS - The Baltic states won a tremendous moral victory last week when the Parliamentary Assembly

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Uspaskich retreats from political post with tail between legs

VILNIUS - Business tycoon Viktor Uspaskich's crusade to the top of Lithuania's political summit unde

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Diploma riddle pops up to bite Uspaskich

VILNIUS - Another mystery emerged from Economy Minister Viktor Uspaskich's biography last week when

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Vilnius, Europe resurrect banished university

VILNIUS - The European Humanities University, a private institution banished from Belarus by Preside

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First lady left behind in VIP

VILNIUS - Alma Adamkiene, the president's wife, was left behind in the VIP hall at the Vilnius Airpo

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Politicians spin attacks against methadone, syringe replacement

VILNIUS - Several politicians have been drawn into a passionate campaign against the country's metha

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Zuokas suspends his duties as party chief

VILNIUS - The ubiquitous scandal enveloping Economy Minister Viktor Uspaskich and Vilnius Mayor Artu

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Experts: tax reform could block billions in investments

VILNIUS - After nearly half a year of deliberations over tax reform, swinging from an interim increa

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Society outraged by police negligence behind the wheel, chief apologizes

VILNIUS - The warm evening of May 28 ended tragically for a couple seventeen-year-olds in downtown S

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