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NATO summit awarded to Riga

RIGA - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will host its first summit in the former Soviet Union

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Latvija in brief - 2005-12-07

Baiba Strautmane, a popular television journalist, stepped down from her job at Latvian Television d

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National Bolshevik faces five years in prison for threatening judge

RIGA - A member of the Latvian chapter of the National Bolsheviks, Beness Aijo, was arrested by the

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Ban on gay marriage passes second reading

RIGA - The applause was boisterous. Parliament had just passed a proposed constitutional amendment b

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Talk of Russian-German pipeline still emotional

RIGA - The subject of the Russian-German gas pipeline, which is to be laid on the bottom of the Balt

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Latvija in brief - 2005-11-30

Justice Minister Solvita Aboltina said she would sign a decree removing Inga Cepjolkina from office

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Yukos official seeks asylum in Latvia

RIGA - A top official from the embattled Russian oil giant Yukos has asked for asylum in Latvia. The

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Council of Europe closes post monitoring of Latvia

RIGA - The Council of Europe closed its monitoring in Latvia after the organization voted on Nov. 23

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Slesers: Anticorruption bureau is tapping my phone

RIGA - Transport Minister Ainars Slesers dropped a bombshell on Nov. 24 when, during a televised int

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Curd snack advertisement deemed political

TALLINN - More than a month after municipal elections, the National Electoral Committee has adopted

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