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Disgruntled teachers demand higher salaries

RIGA - Close to 1,000 teachers gathered outside the Cabinet of Ministers on Sept. 6 to demand an inc

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Farmers want troops out of Iraq, government not listening

RIGA - The Farmers' Union said last week that it would no longer support extending the county's mili

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Banned Russian asks for minister's mercy

RIGA - Alexander Kazakov, a Russian national who was expelled from Latvia a year ago for his excessi

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Katrina fever grips Baltic pumps

RIGA - Gasoline prices skyrocketed during the week, reaching 1 euro per liter at pumps in Latvia and

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Hospitals could appeal to medical tourism

RIGA - The Pauls Stradins University Hospital could soon begin courting foreigners with cheap medica

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Power independence by 2009?

RIGA - Latvenergo said it could supply the entire country with electricity starting in 2009 if the a

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Police bonuses cut short at last minute

RIGA - Interior Minister Eriks Jekabsons terminated cash bonuses to top policemen on Aug. 30, after

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Allegations of attempted match-fixing stir scandal

RIGA - What began as accusations of match-fixing may now escalate into a formal investigation.We

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Two cash couriers killed

Two cash couriers responsible for delivering commercial money were shot and killed in the Riga subur

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Police find mother of 'dumpster baby'

RIGA - Police have identified a young mother who left her infant daughter in a garbage receptacle on

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