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Landmark research project hits impasse

TALLINN - The Estonian Genome Project Foundation and its financial backer, EGeen, have terminated th

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Family doctors demand guarantees on state's promised wage hike

TALLINN - Estonian physicians have demanded guarantees that the government keep its promise to incre

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MPs discuss occupation damages, visas

RIGA - The Baltic Assembly passed a resolution during a meeting in Riga on Dec. 19 urging the gover

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Labor standoff goes to Swedish court, Brussels

RIGA - A Latvian construction firm turned to a Swedish court on Dec. 20 in an effort to end the stri

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How was this year for you, darling?

Find out what do people think of the past year 2004."2004 was a very tough and a very be

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Top 10 Baltic albums of 2004

- "Traces of Sadness" (Estonia)(BROS Music)Estonian babes! Although I

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How to be the center of attention

STRAWBERRY FOREVER: The great thing about Latvia is it's so damn easy to become famous here. Take St

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Bowing out of the Baltics

Being a pathologically sensitive sort of a soul, I was deeply wounded by the deluge of criticism tha

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Yuletide culture, for a change

While the end of the year is traditionally a time of unabashed hedonism, you can always get a fix of

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Ten ways to celebrate the New Year in an original and fulfilling fashion

No New Year's plans? Stuck for what to do? Then let us help take the pressure off with this list of

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