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Officials to crack down on bribes to doctors, teachers

RIGA 's Two high-ranking government officials said that Latvia could begin punishing teachers and me

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Estonians select euro-coin design

TALLINN 's Estonia unveiled its euro coins on Wednesday, which will feature a silhouette of the coun

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Swedes take tournament with style

RIGA - Bowling balls were zipped-up in their bags, the red-laced shoes were reshelved, and the score

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The Expat would like to clarify, in reference to its Nov. 11 community photos page "Uniting East wit

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Adamkus signs decree on new government

VILNIUS - After four-hours of crunch talks with Algirdas Brazauskas, President Valdas Adamkus on Tue

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Kalvitis support ratification of minorities convention

RIGA - Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis said on Wednesday that Latvia should ratify the Framework Conv

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Center Party to sign agreement with United Russia

TALLINN - The Center Party said it would sign a cooperation agreement with the pro-Kremlin United Ru

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NATO members must explain goals to public

NATO should not become a global policeman. We neither have the intention nor the capability for that

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Renewed pig deliveries to alter market

TALLINN - Hog breeders in the county of Laane-Viru are set to renew the export of live pigs to Russi

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Kalvitis supports third mobile provider

RIGA - Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis said that he supported the sale of a third license on the mobi

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