Top 10 Baltic albums of 2004

  • 2004-12-22
  • Compiled by Guntar Racs
- "Traces

of Sadness" (Estonia)

(BROS Music)

Estonian babes! Although I do not like this kind of music, I've put this album in first place because of its success across Europe. This is a good sign and gives hope to other Baltic artists that they can make it to the top in Europe. Well done! With even more original music we can break Baltic pop/rock worldwide!

Skamp - "Reach"

(GMW Entertainment)

The Lithuanian pop/rock/hip-hop/funk artists got a more Western sound thanks to several good producers. This album has some great hit tracks like "Na, Na, Na" and "Calling After Me." Could be the next big thing outside the Baltic market.

Detlef - "Tu izliecies par sevi"

(Elko Studio)

New power generation! Although Detlef comes from the Latvian fame academy, he has written great rock songs and could be the pioneer of a new Latvian rock sound. With a bit less Placebo influence, Detlef could succeed BrainStorm.

Raimonds Pauls- "Crossroads"

(Microphone Records)

Latvian pop legend Raimonds Pauls recorded popular classical themes in his jazzy piano style. Sounds fresh and unique because of his inimitable piano playing.

Hedwig Hanson -

"What Color Is Love"


I know that Hedwig had the same jazzy style long before Norah Jones' success and this is the reason I've put this album in my top 10. An extremely emotional recording!

Livi - "Pari visam"

(Microphone Records)

The ultimate Latvian rock veterans. Almost 30 years on stage, but they can still write hit songs and rock 'n' roll like 20 years ago.

Tumsa - "1 000 000 Itneka"

(Microphone Records)

Very well produced Latvian pop/rock. Many hit songs for contemporary listeners. Good lyrics and attitude. It's time for the first English-language album!

The Hobos - "Radio Jah Jah" (Platforma Recrods)

Still in style! Although this is not an especially trendy musical style, if you look at the local music scene The Hobos are still one of the best live bands. They're in my top 10 not for the cover versions on the album, but for the original songs.

Mary Jane - "L.I.V.E."

(Raiba Taurena Records)

The best alternative rock album in the Baltics I've ever heard. A bit out of date, but still very powerful and loud!

Pete Anderson- "Sentimental" (GEM Studios)

The Latvian rock 'n' roll legend! He just recorded his favorite country ballads in his own manner. You'd never believe that he's from Riga if you didn't know it. "Sentimental" sounds like it was recorded somewhere in Nashville.