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Marlon and the bounty

Despite widespread rumors that Marlon Brando was financially destitute when he died on July 1, the a

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Movie reviews - 2004-07-22

This week:- Walking Tall- Jersey Girl- Ni Pour, Ni ContreWalking TallDirector:

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10"must do" things when in Riga

1 Rent a paddle boat in Canal Park and see if you can make it to the Daugava River, then to the Balt

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Thursday, July 2210.00 - 12.00 Street performances 14.00 - 17.00 In Kronvald Park (by Kon

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City center camping provides tourist relief

There's no doubt that Riga is now firmly established as a major tourist destination. But while the c

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Welcome to Europeade

Europeade is one of the biggest and most important international folk culture festivals in Europe. T

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Diary of a Baltic exile

The other day I went to see "Spider-Man 2," and I don't mind admitting that I loved it. But it got m

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Death by boredom in record of Estonian expat's demise

TALLINN - "Irma" by Marjorie Devine (Vauve Press, 295 pp.)There's only one word to des

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Haapsalu plays host to Estonia's most famous ghost

TALLINN - If you're looking for entertainment in Estonia this summer, you are really spoiled for cho

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Every man's an island of dreams

RIGA - The "Isle of Dreams" exhibition, which is now showing at the Gallery Noass, is one of those r

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