Welcome to Europeade

  • 2004-07-22
Europeade is one of the biggest and most important international folk culture festivals in Europe. The first ever festival was held in Antwerp in 1964, thanks to the efforts of a group of folk culture enthusiasts. Since then the festival has continued to grow in popularity and gone on to become a huge annual event that is held in a different city every year.
Europeade is the biggest and most significant international event to take place in Latvia since the country joined the EU back in May. For many visitors it will be their first glimpse of a country that combines the old and the new with effortless grace. Its folk culture is very dear to Latvia, but as the thousands of visitors to the country will see, Latvia has caught up with the modern world in an extraordinarily short space of time.
We are sure the event will be a memorable one for everyone involved, in what will truly be a European affair. But feel free to drop us a line at www.editorsdesk.com to share your experiences of both Europeade and the city of Riga. Here's to a wonderful week of song, dance and, hopefully, sun.