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Eesti in brief - 2004-07-22

Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland said Estonia would continue meeting its obligations in Iraq even

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Parliament abolishes rent ceilings for second time

TALLINN - Parliament voted on July 20 to abolish rent ceilings in restituted houses, bypassing the p

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Russian duties complicate rail-car rental

TALLINN - New Russian regulations and taxes are complicating the transit business for Estonian compa

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New secretary general focuses on Baltics' minority problem

MOSCOW - Terry Davis, the new secretary general of the Council of Europe, has promised to turn serio

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If carried out, EU budget proposals published by the commission will give the Baltic states a boost

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Baltics to host international war games

VILNIUS - During the last two weeks of July, the Baltic states will host a joint military and anti-t

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Ojuland snipes back at Russian criticism

TALLINN - Perturbed by incessant criticism in the Russian media, Estonia finally reacted this week,

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UNESCO may add Riga's Old Town to endangered list

RIGA - Due to the controversial construction of a highrise office complex and lack of a concrete dev

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Ugly details of MP corruption come to light

VILNIUS - Rumors of corruption in the Seimas (Lithuania's parliament) took a new turn this week when

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Parliament bypasses presidential veto on rent ceilings

TALLINN – Parliament on Tuesday passed amendments to the Housing Act that abolish the rent ceilings

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