Marlon and the bounty

  • 2004-07-22
Despite widespread rumors that Marlon Brando was financially destitute when he died on July 1, the acting legend leaves an estate behind him estimated to be worth some $21.6 million. Many of the rumors surrounding the 80-year-old Brando, who died of lung failure, stemmed from an as-yet-unpublished biography called "Brando in Twilight," by Patricia Ruiz. The author alleges that Brando was some $20 million in debt and was living off social security in a "claustrophobic bungalow" on Mullholland Drive. But the "bungalow" alone is worth $10 million.

Legendary rock guitarist Pete Townshend has de-scribed Michael Moore as "a bully" in a public dispute over the use of The Who song "Won't Get Fooled Again." Moore claimed that Townshend was in favor of the war in Iraq after the guitarist refused Moore permission to use the song for the final credits of "Fahrenheit 9/11." But Towsnshend claims on his Web site that he was simply suspicious of Moore's credentials after seeing "Bowling for Columbine." He added that he greatly resented being "slurred and bullied."