Income in the shadows: a recent survey

  • 2004-04-29
  • Baltic News Service
VILNIUS - A recent survey conducted by the market research group RAIT has shown that almost one-fifth of Lithuanians receive unreported income, while 3.5 percent of working people admit that they get their wages "in envelopes."

The survey found that 80.3 percent of the population does not receive any unreported income, while young people between the ages of 20 and 29 make up one-third of those who do receive such income.
According to the survey, some 11.8 percent of respondents said they were not paying taxes on income from extra jobs, and 3.5 percent said they were not paying on income from the sale of goods at local markets. Another 2.9 said they received part of their regular salaries "in envelopes," and 1 percent said they were not paying tax on income from renting out property that belongs to them.
Among the respondents who receive unreported income, 7 percent said such income accounted for up to 10 percent of their total income, and 31.9 percent said it made up between 10 percent and 25 percent.
A further 14.3 percent said they were not paying tax on their income at all.
Some 1.2 percent of respondents refused to say if they received any unreported income.
The survey found that working people account for 55.2 percent of those who admitted receiving unreported income, while officially unemployed people and students make up 13.8 percent each.
For the survey, RAIT polled 1,151 people between the ages 16 and 74 on April 1-4.