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Hooked on trying to catch fabled golden fish

TALLINN - The fairy tale about the poor old fisherman who once caught a golden fish is something tha

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Latvian ice fishermen cooly chase after world title

RIGA - When most people hear the term ice fishing, they imagine a few gruff old men sitting for hour

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Analysis - Who can make the most of EU opportunities?

The three Baltic states have been the star performers among Central and Eastern European economies i

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Defense in professional transition

Trained as a lawyer and engineer, Defense Minister Girts Valdis Kristovskis has been in charge of de

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Latvia is currently facing the single toughest test of its willingness to fight endemic corruption.

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Casinos play fair, say watchdogs

RIGA - With so many neon-lit casinos and slot-machine halls, a casual visitor to Riga may think he h

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The casino king and his expanding empire

As chairman of the executive board of the Olympic Casino Group, Armin Karu is the undisputed casino

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Investors rush to sow Lithuanian market

VILNIUS - Though the debate on legalizing gambling in Lithuania had been heated, in the end even the

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Laughter is the best medicine

Scary Movie 3. For the third time around the postmodern spoof of all spoofs is at it again. As taste

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Dump the dumplings - Dvaras has a lot more on offer

VILNIUS - Any guidebook on Lithuania always says that you haven't tasted Lithuanian life unless you'

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