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France ranks last in implementing EU laws

BRUSSELS - The European Commission admonished France and Belgium on Jan. 12 for having the worst rec

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Baltic salmon blacklisted by toxicologists

STOCKHOLM - A U.S. report warning that eating salmon from European fish farms could cause cancer has

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Lithuania in brief

MPs from the opposition Homeland Union party and Conservatives staged a walkout in Parliament as Pre

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Latvia in brief - 2004-01-15

Parliament's defense and internal affairs committee amended the country's criminal law in its final

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Kalniete nominated EC commissioner

RIGA - Foreign Minister Sandra Kalniete was unanimously confirmed as Latvia's commissioner to the EU

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Radicals set fire to ministry door

RIGA - Local members of the Russia-based extremist group the National Bolshevik Party set fire to th

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Estonia in brief

Tartu police arrested a 20-year-old man for wearing the Estonian police uniform in public without be

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Non-Tallinn residents irritated by new policy

TALLINN - A soon-to-be-implemented policy in Estonia's capital that will make nonresidents of the ci

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Ministers ready to return illegally earned money

TALLINN - Several present and former members of the Estonian Cabinet had to return the money they re

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Prosecutors probing possible genocide crime by citizen

TALLINN - Estonia's chief prosecutor has launched a criminal investigation to find out whether citiz

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