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Mayoral controversy resurrects political hostility

VILNIUS - The Special Investigations Service has launched an investigation into possible vote tamper

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Latvia in brief - 2004-01-29

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright met with President Vaira Vike-Freiberga while in Ri

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Land grab has already begun outside Riga

DOBELE - "What is land if you don't have freedom. What is freedom if you don't have your own land."

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Coalition nears collapse as Repse fires Slesers

RIGA - Prime Minister Einars Repse fired his deputy Ainars Slesers on Jan. 26, creating uncertainty

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Parts sympathizes with Finns on labor issue

HELSINKI - Prime Minister Juhan Parts, who was in Finland this week on an official visit, expressed

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Reformists want a revised constitution

TALLINN - In a Jan. 24 meeting in Tallinn, the Reform Party's council stated that the constitution r

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School reform amendment sparks outrage

RIGA - Latvia's controversial school reform set to begin this September was embroiled in controversy

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A million trees for joining Europe

TALLINN - Eschewing typical, admittedly ephemeral festivities, Estonia has decided to opt for a more

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Human rights report draws Latvian ire

RIGA - A report released earlier this month by Elisabeth Schroedter, the European Parliament's rappo

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Minister: U.S.A. wants Paksas to resign

WASHINGTON - VILNIUS - Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis returned from a trip to the United States w

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