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Motorsports exhibition to be lapped up by fans

RIGA - Motorsports fans will doubtless be gleefully rubbing their hands together when the Motor Spor

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Foreigners tackle the devilishly difficult Estonian language

TALLINN - "Their biggest problem," says Mailis Sutiste, "is the letter 'Õ.'" " Õ" as in

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Sick research

I didn't buy Michael Moore's number-one bestseller, "Dude, Where's My Country?", but someone just sh

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Winter of Lithuania's discontent

The immense political scandal that erupted over Lithuania at the end of October dealt a shocking blo

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Specter of a 'two-speed' Europe

EC President Romano Prodi's forceful statement on Jan. 6 in Dublin that integration within the Europ

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A crusade best waged by the young

When Einars Repse took the office of prime minister in October 2002, he promised to crack down on ra

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Judging from the sidelines, one can't help but feel that part of the political crisis in Lithuania i

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Baltic domain

Grab your surfing gear and head to the nearest computer: The Baltic Times' editorial team has scoute

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Success rates high with SMS-Internet scheme

TALLINN - In the summer of 2001, the dot-com boom that had generated thousands of high-paying jobs f

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Auctioning off an online auction site

RIGA - What will attract more people to seek Internet access at home? Apollo, a division of Lattelek

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