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Whose victory anyway?

I am writing to express my sincere hope that the three presidents of the Baltic states will stand th

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Bush's prospects

I deplore the vehemence with which President Bush and the policies of the United States and of its a

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Nuances of liberation

It is a tedious and thankless task to counter the endless stream of falsehood emanating from the Rus

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You should be ashamed

You should be ashamed of publishing the Baltic Exile column. The article on the U.S. election in the

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More Bush angst

Are we 450 million Europeans more blind than the 59 million who elected Bush? I am a European who, a

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Welsh-Latvian ties

It was with great pleasure that I observe that Latvia and Wales (Enter the Cymru Dragon, #430) are r

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Bush ire

I am writing in response to the anonymous vitriol "Chad too Far" (#430). I understand the disgust of

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Wake up call

Perhaps you have forgotten the history of the last 20 years. This worldwide terrorism did not start

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Chad anger

Most of your readers probably have no idea what the word "chad" means in the context of the diatribe

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I have been reading The Baltic Times online for a year now and have very much enjoyed all of the inf

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