Nuances of liberation

  • 2004-12-15
  • G. Reinis
It is a tedious and thankless task to counter the endless stream of falsehood emanating from the Russian Duma (which in Latvian means dumb). However, it has to be done lest someone takes it seriously.

1) The Baltics were not "liberated" on Nov.4, 1944. The only Russian soldiers who walked the streets of my hometown, Liepaja, on that date were prisoners of war! While being a German prisoner was no bed of roses, their comrades were being buried in mass graves by the tens of thousands in Priekule and Vainode.

2) The Baltic SS units were not declared criminal at Nurenberg! They were specifically exempt!

3) The "liberation" of Kurzeme on May 9, 1945 meant the herding of all men between 15 and 50-years-old behind barbed wire to be kept for weeks without food and any protection from the elements for "filtration."

4) The ethnic Russian minority in Latvia was granted citizenship by the Latvian government in 1920. This has never been revoked for them or their descendants. And the noncitizens who entered illegally (according to international law) between 1944 and 1991 are being given the opportunity to become citizens. If they can only swallow their "pride" and swear loyalty to Latvia.

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