Wake up call

  • 2004-11-10
  • By Bob Buchanan
Perhaps you have forgotten the history of the last 20 years. This worldwide terrorism did not start with 9/11. Get Rid of Bush?

Yes, we gave him the greatest victory since the 1930s. No more payoffs for the Russians, Chinese, French, Germans, United Nations representatives and no more illegal sales to the butcher who now sits in jail awaiting a trial he failed to give to anyone. Fifty million people on their way to freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq - you do enjoy freedom don't you Latvia? Or maybe you would prefer the Soviets again. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia will be pulled screaming to freedom for their people by their people. Possibly you don't remember the Beagan administration's "tear down that wall." You better wake up; the radical Muslims want one thing and that is to kill everyone who is not Muslim (especially Americans).

Sorry Mr. Baltic Times, there is no more free lunch! When will you people wake up. Bob Buchanan

Mill Creek, Washington, USA

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