• 2004-11-01
  • Constance Cleveland
I have been reading The Baltic Times online for a year now and have very much enjoyed all of the information coming from your part of the world. I've never written a letter to a paper before, but I was particularly struck by an article that I've just read entitled "Get Rid of Bush," and felt that, on the eve of the U.S. elections, a letter was due.

Tomorrow is election day and I will be getting up extra early so I can make it to the polls and cast my vote for the one man who I believe will provide a feeling of hope and a much needed sense of grace to a country that has fallen into the gutter. I am speaking of John Kerry of course, and the country in the gutter, well, that would be the United States.

My thanks to The Baltic Times for expressing so eloquently what no other American paper has been able to do. Your Bush opinion article was more frank than anything I have read here and, of course, I am in full agreement with the sentiment. It saddens me to see how egocentric my country is and how lacking in education the majority of the population is about the rest of the world. We, as a nation, seem to think that we don't need anyone else, but how wrong that is. And those millions of Bush supporters referred to in the article? Well, they are the growing, conservative, narrow-minded part of the population that are slowly leading this nation down a trail of failure.

President Bush offers this nation nothing - he certainly offers the rest of the world even less. I do not hold much hope for tomorrow's elections, but perhaps I will be surprised. For all those in the Baltic States, know that there are many Americans who are saddened by this nation's weak and offensive foreign policy, by its lack of international cooperation, and its abominable self possessed attitude.

I will do my part to change our wrongdoing administration tomorrow, but keep your fingers crossed because if it doesn't work out, it will be a very terrible four more years for you all as it certainly will be for me.

Keep up the great work Baltic Times.

Constance Cleveland

Washington, D.C.


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