Chad anger

  • 2004-11-01
  • Leo Algminas
Most of your readers probably have no idea what the word "chad" means in the context of the diatribe in your Oct. 28 issue. A chad is a tiny piece of paper that falls out of the ballot when a specific name is selected and the ballot is punched. Any one of these chads would be large enough to summarize the sum total of the author's knowledge of U.S. history. Bush bashing is popular all over the world; much the same as President Reagan in the 1980's, Truman before him, etc.

To call the United States a "monster of a nation" however, is beyond the pale. Get over it, communism, the workers paradise Soviet Union is dead, and while euro-trash and the likes of your ilk thrive, it is only because the U.S. bailed you out of the most murderous regimes on the face of the earth, both of them in your enlightened Europe and still fresh in my memory. Yes, I am one of those millions who voted for George W. Bush four years ago and I will proudly do so again. Even kindergarten education is enough for me to know that you are on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of the calendar, living in some isolated pre-9/11 era.

Leo Algminas

Marijampole, Lithuania


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