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Liepaja cannery unveils its ambitions

RIGA - Liepaja Fish Cannery announced its plans to become one of the largest fish processing compani

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Packaging-law amendments irritate businesses

TALLINN - Estonian retailers may receive an extra headache if amendments to the packaging law are ap

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Ukrainian is official, but Russian still lingua franca

KIEV - After years of Russification, Ukraine's native language is fighting an uphill bat

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Politics with a boozy punch at Russia's Duma

MOSCOW - One of the best-kept secrets about a threatening gray granite building opposite the Kremlin

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EU constitution on verge of collapse

NAPLES - The European Union struggled Nov. 29 to overcome big divisions at constitutional talks that

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Lithuania in brief

President Rolandas Paksas refused to appear before the special parliamentary commission investigatin

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Doubts on privacy rights raised in scandal

VILNIUS - As the scandal surrounding President Rolandas Paksas has heated up, local lawyers and lega

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Latvia in brief - 2003-12-04

The United States restored military aid to Latvia worth $4.5 million. Aide was cut off after Latvia

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Ten Pakistanis to be held until new year

RIGA - The 10 Pakistanis detained by boarder guards on Nov. 21 for allegedly lying on their visa app

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Student imprisoned in Iraq returns home

RIGA - A college student who spent three months in an Iraqi prison was released by his American jail

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