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Nordea picks new chairman in a flash

TALLINN - A switch in the leadership of Nordea Bank in Estonia has left managers and employees scrat

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U.S. investor seeks VN stake

RIGA - A U.S. investment company has reportedly offered to buy the government's remaining stake in t

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Estonian dairy prepares itself for common market

TALLINN - Dubbing itself "Estonia's own dairy company," the Tallinna Piimatoostus (Tallinn Dairy) co

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Estonia in brief

A young woman accidentally injured in a hairdresser's shop was awarded a 50,000 kroon (3,200 euro) c

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Birth rate increase measures implemented

TALLINN - Estonian families planning to have children next year received two good pieces of news las

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Lithuania in brief

The Constitutional Court rejected a request from President Rolandas Paksas' legal team to remove Chi

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From Russia with loathing

VILNIUS - "Without any doubt, Russia maintains a strong influence on Lithuanian politics." The obs

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Latvia in brief - 2003-12-18

The famous poet and writer Maris Caklais died on Dec. 13. Caklais was the editor of the popular Latv

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People's Party, New Era have no joint plans

RIGA - Latvia's two largest parties - the People's Party and New Era - both inhabit the right wing o

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Slesers confronted on Zhirinovsky suggestion

RIGA - New Era, Latvia's most popular political party according to opinion polls, is demanding an ex

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