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Decomposing Russia's 'ulterior mosaic'

Illusions that Russia's ongoing campaign against Estonia and Latvia are solely connected to the upco

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On the politics of capriciousness

The sudden change-of-heart of the People's Union came like a bolt out of the blue, shaking Estonia's

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Baltic Hospitality: Pickpockets, beggars, squalid busses tarnish Tallinn

TALLINN - Although Estonians like to consider themselves as a Nordic people, they are - perhaps more

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Baltic Hospitality: Tallinn's hotels struggling to accommodate all

TALLINN - "Even though so many new hotels have recently emerged in Tallinn, there are still not enou

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Baltic Hospitality: Hotels need state cooperation to boost occupancy

RIGA - Despite the strong growth in Latvia's hotel industry over the past year, hotel owners and man

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Baltic Hospitality: Viru getting much-needed facelift

TALLINN - The Viru Hotel, the landmark Tallinn establishment that became a part of the Finnish Sokos

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Baltic Hospitality: Satiated with room space - for the time being

VILNIUS - While a quick survey of the Vilnius skyline reveals a panorama of intensive change, perhap

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Baltic Hospitality: Nature calls, but Tallinn still most popular

TALLINN - According to a January 2003 survey by the Emor pollster, about 51 percent of Estonians age

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Baltic Hospitality: Latvia needs year-round approach to fill hotel rooms

RIGA - With hotel occupancy levels set to drop drastically this winter, many leaders in the hospital

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Company briefs - 2003-11-27

Thailand's Indorama is planning to invest 80 million euros in a plastic plant in the Klaipeda Free E

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