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Repse's popularity sinks

RIGALatvian Interior Minister Maris Gulbis remained the most popular minister in March, according

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European court to hear Zdanoka out

RIGAThe European Court of Human Rights May 15 will hear a complaint by Tatjana Zdanoka, a leader

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AirB introduces private aviation in the Baltics

RIGAAirB Ltd. the Western business aircraft sales agent and aircraft operator in the Baltics and

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New funding pursued for HIV prevention

TALLINNTen million U.S. dollars for AIDS prevention and treatment in Estonia may be available by

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Income-tax-rate deal unites political coalition

TALLINNRes Publica, the Reform Party and People's Union, the three Estonian political parties cur

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Honeymoon over, Cold War talk back

MOSCOW Russian demands that the U.N. rule on the legality of the U.S.-led military operation in I

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EU candidates seek to ease tensions

BRUSSELSThe European Union's future members papered over a spat with France and Germany on March

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In Brief - 2003-03-27

Bribe-based healthcareA survey carried out by the Latvian Patient's Rights Office earlier this ye

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Medics gear up for Iraq deployment

KAUNASWhile politicians debated the merits of the Iraq war earlier this month, a group of Lithuan

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Balts back war, pledge non-combat troops

RIGAThe parliaments of Latvia and Lithuania approved deployment of peacekeeping troops to Iraq la

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