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Renewed activity in Tallinn

RIGAThe Baltic Index ended last week at 179.11 points, gaining 1.17 percent over the week on mode

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Tartu rental market gets new life

TARTUTartu is currently undergoing a real estate boom. Developers are preparing to flood the mark

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U.S. still seeking Russian oil despite differences

MOSCOWDespite growing differences over their stance on Iraq, the United States still sees Russia'

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Russia to build pipelines to Japan, China

MOSCOWThe Russian government has decided to build a key oil pipeline that stretches toward Japan,

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For Baltics, equality still at least a generation away

VIENNAThe enlargement of the European Union will not only boost the economic competitiveness of i

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Mazeikiu Nafta eyes wholesale sales expansion

TALLINNNearly 90 percent of the gasoline and 11 percent of the diesel fuel sold in Estonia is fro

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Retailer attacks competitor's ads

VILNIUSVP Market, operator of the largest retail chain in Lithuania, has accused Palink, which ru

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Corruption prevents Latvia from prospering

RIGALatvia will not develop into an influential business center as long as problems such as corru

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Estonians prefer domestic grub

TALLINNAccording to a recent survey, an overwhelming 90 percent of Estonians prefer domestic food

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Major contraband bust

TALLINNThe record haul of fake designer clothes uncovered at Tallinn Airport last August could be

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