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Estonian girls provide living models for the fashion world

TALLINNWhen Estonia's newest modeling agency, Living Models, recently held its launch party in Ta

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Lithuanian TV drama that crosses bold new borders

VILNIUSWhile the Lithuanian government ponders new ways to increase exports of dairy products and

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Letters to editor

Estonian tourism(In response to "Tourism developers: Estonia not just Tallinn" in TBT #347.)Af

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EU's awkward foreign policy

It is a pivotal moment in international affairs. The United States has begun pre-emptive military op

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The war, they tell us, is about disarming Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. In the same breath, h

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Devil in the details

Recent developments in Belarusian-Russian integration have made it clear that both sides have yet to

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America's childish behavior

Egdunas Racius is one of a small number of Baltic citizens with a knowledge of Arabic. He is also an

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Former French PM charged with fraud

BRUSSELSFormer French Prime Minister Edith Cresson has been charged with fraud over allegations d

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Time for euro to supplant dollar

STOCKHOLMThe euro could become a counterweight to excessive political and economic dominance from

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Eastern rural zones divided on EU

WARSAWRural communities in the former communist bloc range from hesitant to downright opposed ahe

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