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Stocks still buffered from war

RIGAThough the war in Iraq was the primary focus of investors' attention last week, Baltic stocks

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New fitness lifestyle in Riga, Vilnius

RIGAWhile locals may roll their eyes when they hear yet another well-meaning foreigner remark abo

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Jurmala's natural healing treasures

RIGAHealth spas and convalescent centers in Jurmala offering non-traditional services have become

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Foreign students flock to Kaunas Medical University

KAUNASOne of the top-ranking Lithuanian higher education institutions, Kaunas Medical University

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Off to Tallinn for affordable nip and tuck

TALLINNThousands of cosmetic operations are performed each year in Estonia. These include breast

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Capital drifting to Estonian clinics, research

TALLINNSlowly but surely, Estonia is moving from a centralized, state-run healthcare system towar

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You are what you eat

RIGAIt's a cold morning in early spring. As crowds of people stream out of Riga's central train s

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Private clinics in Latvia booming

RIGADoctors and managers at three private medical institutions in Latvia have proven that investm

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Pioneer heart clinic performs miracles

VILNIUSIt is an established fact that Lithuanian surgeons have, for many years, been regarded as

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Smart cards are coming

TALLINNThree major Estonian banks with a combined client base of almost 1 million customers will

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