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Baltics still a haven for piracy

VILNIUS"I never buy CDs in Denmark anymore," said a foreigner as he and his friend browsed throug

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Center Party likely to win elections

TALLINNEstonian voters will go to the voting stations on March 2 and choose a new 101-member Parl

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Baltic tourism set to thrive on taboo of Soviet culture

VILNIUSThe Baltic countries just can't get away from their past. Thousands of tourists who come h

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Why attack Iraq now?

Al Queda, Hamas and associated terrorists of the world are out to get the United States in a big way

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If anyone should shut up, it's Jacques Chirac.By railing on the pro-U.S. stance of eight European

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100 Eventful Days

Einars Repse marked a mixed 100 days in the prime minister's chair on Feb. 14. On taking up the offi

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Preserving linguistic heritage

After a long tenure as chief editor for Lithuanian Radio and Television, the state television channe

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Deficit to trigger higher rates

RIGAThe high 177.5 million lat (282.1 million euro) deficit under Latvia's national budget for th

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Unibanka boosts earnings, eyes Moscow

RIGALatvijas Unibanka posted audited consolidated profits of 13.5 million lats (21.5 million euro

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Hansabank announces 2002 results

TALLINNThe Hansabank Group, the largest financial group and by far the largest company in terms o

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