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Looking ahead to 2004, and the shape of things to come

2003 was a very good year for the Baltic states, but 2004 will be even better. Using the most sophis

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Enduring Riga's extreme elements - because she's worth it

RIGA - When I first saw her, I could barely believe my eyes. She loomed over me, smiling coquettishl

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From evil incarnate to regular game - on the trail of Estonia's wolves

TALLINN - In 1995 Estonian hunters killed 300 wolves and virtually became national heroes in the pro

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Perloja teaches Lithuania a thing or two about independence

PERLOJA - "While we may be only few gathered here, the people we see today are the most loyal, the m

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Baltic women go online in search of love and marriage

RIGA - Four photographs of smiling brides swooning into the arms of sturdy men hang on the otherwise

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Adopting change in outdated care system

RIGA - As soon as I enter the room, my eyes meet the jaded dark eyes of a three-year-old boy called

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Diary of a Baltic exile

Riga, Riga, Riga. Sometimes it's all too much for me, to put it mildly. Sometimes I feel as if I jus

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Taciturn Estonians take SMS messaging to its limit

TALLINN - Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. When the pioneers of modern cell-phone technolo

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Soccer showdown shows Latvians and Turks in new light

RIGA - Latvians and Turks are suddenly learning all kinds of things about each other, thanks to noth

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Finding the fast way to mental and physical well-being

TALLINN - To most people the idea of fasting conjures up images of religious festivals like Ramadan,

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